Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Year On...

I'm not sure if anyone will ever see this but yesterday I logged onto my old blog, not for any reason, and realised it was exactly one year since I had posted.

I read the entry.

Wow, was that only a year ago! So much change.

So...just in case anyone is wondering, or stumbles across this story of a slice of my life, I am updating. Adding an ending perhaps. Or, in many ways, a beginning.

The last post was about us starting to look into the whole adoption process, of how we weren't yet sure if this was for us. We had already attended the first prep group day.

We did continue with the prep group and then the home study. It is a hard going process but we got through it fairly speedily and we were approved as adoptive parents in November 09.

Very soon after the approval panel we had the most life-changing phone call.

Most unusually for this country a mother had decided not to parent her baby. The baby had gone straight from hospital into foster care as this young woman had to convince the authorities that she really wanted her child to be adopted. She just didn't feel in a place to be a parent. She had read our profile and wanted to meet us.
The next few days were a flurry of social work meetings and exchanges of paperwork.

After about a week we met with the birth mother and had a very emotional but truly positive afternoon. Although it sounds so cliched there really was an instant connection. I thought she was an amazingly strong and thoughtful young woman who had considered every aspect of what she was doing and wanted the best to come out of this situation. She liked us too. She chose is to adopt her baby.

So right now I am writing this as our most precious nine month old daughter sleeps upstairs. She is absolutely amazing and has changed the world forever.

We are a family.