Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes I Hate Being Right

Another failed cycle.

I'm off to lick my wounds for a while.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Apologies for the lame title, I just want to document this phase. It was helpful to look back at this time last cycle, unfortunately I think it is remarkably similar.
I have been really very positive this cycle, I just felt this was going to work out. I've had light cramping on and off since transfer which was different from last time, I was hoping, therefore, that the outcome would be different too.
You'll notice this is written in past tense. Today I am utterly convinced this is not to be. I have that awful dull ache that always heralds the arrival of my period. Exactly the same day as I felt it last time, way earlier than I would in a natural cycle (possibly significant?).
I haven't much else to say right now, obviously I am hoping I am wrong, I will gladly eat my words.
I don't think I'll have to though :-(

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Girls are Home

The transfer went well and I now have two lovely little embryos setting up home for a while.

We did a 3dt. Out of the seven fertilised eggs, two were very much 'in front'. We transferred 2 grade 1 embryos, one was 8 cell but the other was only 6 cell (is that a bad sign?).
I wish I had asked more questions at the time. I think I get 'white coat syndrome' I just assume that the medics know best (which I am sure they do) but after the fact I think of all the questions I should have asked.
The other embryos each had some degree of fragmentation but I don't know how much or how many cells. The fragmentation means the clinic won't freeze. They don't seem to be very keen to freeze at all.

So, that's it done. Now the wait. I'm off work for a little while which is great, no need to rush about or stress.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eggs in One Basket

9 eggs. 7 fertilised.

Day 3 transfer set for 1pm on Thursday, I'm not sure if we get to go to blast if things look good then. The clinic require 4 great quality embryos on day 3 before considering blast. I'm also not even sure the clinic do transfers on a Saturday :-(

One slight hiccup, Mr L said yesterday that he won't do IVF again. He thinks it is taking over our lives. I'm not sure if it is just a reaction from the recent stress, he seems adamant though, and he is a very stubborn man. I'm just letting it go for the moment, there is enough to think about right now. We can discuss this later if necessary.

I'm trying to be calm but it is hard not to panic a little.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Passing Time

I've been tagged by the beautiful M to come up with a list of who's hot. A lovely diversion I think!

Now, of course, I don't ordinarily search the web for fine men, but a tag is a tag, no?!

Here's who I think......

Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef. He is such a tough guy but so nice with his family. His first three children are all IVF kids too (and the fourth was a surprise!) but I liked him long before I found this out ;-)

Johnny Depp, nothing to add!

Russell Brand, he is just sweet and so quick with words, a trait I really admire. He is also a recovering addict. I have a lot of respect for people who have overcome their demons.

David Beckham, really not my type in real life but there is just something nice about him.

I'm not sure I should admit to this one! Boris Johnson, he's a politician and a bit of a clown. I think he'd be fun! Who doesn't like laughing?

Well, that managed to take my mind off tomorrow's EC for a little while. I'm due at the clinic at the crack of dawn. At least there isn't too long to stress (this bit) now.

As for the tag, I know this isn't every ones cup of tea, but it was fun....

I tag Silver from Hope for the Best. (a new blogger and been a big support to me IRL, please pop over and say welcome) also Chicklet and Christina, and, of course, anyone else looking for a way to waste, er... I mean spend a little free time.